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Beverley Densham is an Author, Angel Coach to bring the angels into your everyday life and work for more happiness, healing & guidance. She graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in Sports Science and became a Pilates expert. Two near death experiences, domestic violence & divorce lead her to change direction. Studying with Doreen Virtue ®, she became a certified Angel Therapy ® Practitioner & Medium and now inspires others by living and teaching her Angelic Lifestyle work. She’s also one of the experts in Spirit & Destiny Magazine.

She uses her psychic, highly sensitive empathic abilities & strengths of seeing, hearing, feeling & knowing what the angels are telling her. Bev talks to angels & loves communicating with your angels to receive beautiful & always uplifting guidance for you and empowering and helping your holistic, heart centred & spiritual business.

An area of her expertise is helping you to admit where you’re at, heal past or present toxic relationships, deep or past life healing as well as business & life angel card readings. They are profound, deep, healing & inspirational helping you in every area of your life, especially ensuring the happiness of you & your children. It’s vital there is harmony in your home & relationships as you deserve that. If Beverley can transform her life & learn daily tools & guidance, so can you and she loves to teach you HOW.

“Every step of the way the angels hold your hand”