Angel Bootcamp
(Year Long Online Course)

to transform your life & business with the Angels

you’re invited to join the Angel Bootcamp to transform your life & business with the Angels. Want to learn everything about the angels & how to do angel card readings to advanced level and heal the past & follow your soul purpose?

Registration is now open and includes a weekly angel card readings practice session together on zoom & live or re play, weekly readings demonstration of how to do each type of reading. 

Here’s what’s included in the bootcamp:

Part 1

Clear your money blocks with the angels & Pricing Course with the Angels

How to clear money blocks with the angels course

ABUNDANCE introduction

ABUNDANCE meditation

Pricing with the angels for your services & products – how to be confident on your pricing

Past life healing with the angels to clear money blocks meditation

Part 2

How to do angel card readings & deepen your intuitive gift (beginners to advanced level) & learn everything about working with your guardian angels.

How to see hear, feel & know the angels messages:

  • Clairsentience (feeling the angels messages)
  • Clairvoyance (seeing the angels messages)
  • Claircognizance (clear thinking & a knowing of the angels messages)
  • Clairaudience (hearing the angels messages)
  • How to shield yourself as a sensitive lightworker
  • How to prepare for your angel card reading & do a 1 card reading
  • How to introduce friends & family to the angel cards
  • How to do a past present future reading
  • How to do a slide angel card reading
  • How to do a chuck reading
  • How to do an angel card reading in a clairsentient way
  • How to do a cross angel card reading
  • How to do a heart angel card reading & romance angel card reading part 1!
  • How to do star intuitive angel card readings
  • How to do an angel reading (without the cards) – a meditation to Hawaii to connect & receive messages & guidance from their angels
  • How to start an angel card reading, angel coaching & angelic lifestyle therapy session & how to do a 1 hour INTUITIVE angel card reading, healing, cord cutting, hoovering, answering all of your clients questions)
  • How to do a circle angel card reading with the crystal dowser

Part 3

How to become an archangel healer & heal with the Angels, angel healing rituals

Cord cutting with archangel Michael, how to do cord cutting through the chakras for clients

How to do hoovering with archangel Michael a healing technique

How to release worries with the angels, useful with clients, on retreats, workshops, 1-2-1 and at the full moon & week leading up to the full moon

Angel space clearing

Part 4

How to run 1 day retreats, week long retreats & workshops. Including how to run angel retreats, angels of abundance workshops including lesson plans

How to run a 1 day retreat & retreats

PDF of step by step of how to run a retreat day & lesson plan

How to run a week long retreat

Angel space clearing

How to teach the ABC angelic lifestyle meditation to clients (either on a retreat, 1-2-1, at a workshop, talk, live, on your page…)

How to create an angel card meditation for retreats, workshops, clients & VIP days…

How to teach the ABC angelic lifestyle meditation at the beach, at a retreat, workshop & with clients

How to create an angel altars

Part 5

How to create your own deck of angel cards or positive affirmation cards

Part 6

How to create your own book & how to create your own meditation CDs

Includes 3 bonuses for you in Angel Bootcamp worth over £2500.

Bonus 1
Advanced Angels Course

The advanced angels course will help you expand your relationship with the Angels in your life to the highest level with practice, our guidance and time of course and how to really harness the guidance in your life & business to live from your heart and soul and fulfill your life purpose, but more than anything to enjoy the journey with expanded abundance, happiness and success.

During the advanced angels course, will teach you how to harness the guidance from your Angels in business, in your services, products, pricing, AND learn more about indigo children, crystal and rainbow children and how to nurture the next generation of lightworkers, How to use the Happy Kids Cards in your work with children for increased happiness, confidence & calm at home & school. You can also nurture your skills with how to use the happy kids if you already work with families & children.

– how to use angel cards & happy kids cards with children

– how to create an angelic bedtime routine for children (to support the sensitive ,shy, indigo, crystal & rainbow children).

– energy vampires and how to protect your energy with the angels

– how to connect with the fairies, the nature angels in nature

– Self care for spiritual teachers & leaders

-Specialities of the Archangels
– increasing your psychic abilities with the chakras & angels

– Assertiveness for earth angels:

– how to release toxic relationships

– What is an empath & how to be powerful & energised in your life & work

– how to be assertive as a sensitive lightworker

Past life healing with the Angels

– how to heal past lives through meditation & intuitive readings & healing.

– angel numbers and how to intrepret them

-Angel words & how language impacts your life & work.

As a medium I can also support your journey if you’re destined to help others through grief or you may have a book inside you to help in this area… every step of the way the angels hold your hand & me as your angel coach.


Bonus 2
How to create your own on-line course

Bring more wealth & financial abundance to your life as well as help more people with on – line courses, you’ll receive a bonus training on

– How to create your own on line course (without spending a penny)

Bonus 3
How to PR your business

How to PR your business with the angels so that you can help and reach more clients in your work and life.

Registration is open for my Angel Bootcamp course. Combine angel bootcamp with the 14 month angel reiki healing journey for the biggest results, healing & soul purpose breakthroughs. 

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The 14 month angel reiki healing journey + angel bootcamp Super Bundle –

This super bundle includes the Angel Bootcamp, plus your 14 month angel reiki healing journey including reiki 1 + reiki 2 + reiki master teachers courses.

Become attuned to reiki healing & learn how to heal yourself, meditate easily, create calm & inner peace, heal friends, family & pets. At level 2, certify as a reiki practitioner & open a holistic business or develop your existing business & become a master reiki teacher for personal & spiritual development and/ or be able to train others in reiki as well.



Since I started Angel Bootcamp many beautiful things and opportunities have opened up for not just myself, but those around me. My self confidence and business confidence has sky rocketed.
I have overcome many blocks, I have gone from 8 years insomnia to perfect sleeping!
Money blocks and emotion blocks dissolved.
I run a holistic business offering therapies and remedies, my prices were all over the place and didn’t accurately portray the quality of what was on offer, through working with Beverley and doing pricing with the angels I have at least doubled my prices ( with confidence). I got nervous and fearful of if I was good enough and if I could make a great life for myself, well yes I can and you can too.
Beverley is very quick at responding to you and always goes the extra mile to help.
Such an incredible wealth of resources and support.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I have a rich life and Angel Bootcamp
has encouraged me more than I can put into words.

Jemma Buxton

Rise & Shine Holistics

Beverley is There for you in the private facebook group & you can also enjoy the support of the Angel Bootcamp Community For your 14 month angel reiki healing & angel bootcamp journey. 

14 month angel reiki healing journey + angel bootcamp Super Bundle includes

This super bundle includes the Angel Bootcamp, plus your Reiki 1 + Reiki 2 & Reiki Master Teacher healing courses.

Become attuned to reiki healing & learn how to heal yourself, meditate easily, create calm & inner peace, heal friends, family & pets. At level 2, certify as a reiki practitioner & open a holistic business or develop your existing business & become a master reiki teacher for personal & spiritual development and/ or be able to train others in reiki as well.

All the angel bootcamp training videos are waiting for you and you can enjoy going at your own pace. It’s like an angel pick & mix, you learn & practice the parts which are most important to your personal & spiritual development & soul purpose. Get instant access once you’re booked in.

See you in Angel Bootcamp & remember every step of the way the angels hold your hand.

With lots of love


My name is Margaret Dodenhoff and I am by profession a Registered Nurse and I live on Long Island in New York State. I would like to share my experience with Beverley Densham, specifically with angel bootcamp.
I am 59 years old.
I have a privileged life. I have always had a roof over my head & food for nourishment. I am surrounded by love from my family & my mom who is 89 years old (and she is active, happy, has a social life, & a healthy mind). I lost my husband over 6 years ago & I grieved for a generous amount of time and now I still talk to him & feel him with me often. Also, when he transitioned my family was there 24/7 to help me get put back together again. So I have always had someone who had my back & I have never felt lonely or helpless or abandoned. Also, as a nurse, any lapses in employment did not last too long.
I am an empath and I didn’t know what that was till probably 3 years ago. I went to a well known healer with an excellent reputation here on Long Island & she told me that I was an empath & I needed to ground myself daily & protect my solar plexus area because that is where I was picking up everyone else’s energy & that was why I had such awful anxiety especially in social situations and when working as a nurse. She was absolutely correct. I worked on it & I improved but I couldn’t stop suffering ….I was still so vulnerable to the energy around me. I was always torn up inside me.
This past year I started working with Beverley Densham. It started with listening to her & following her meditations & teaching/coaching on her Facebook page. She has a sparkling contagious witty personality with incredible depth & spirituality. The things she taught & shared resonated with me and I trusted her. I signed up for the bootcamp program.
Beverley left no stone unturned during our 1:1 meeting. She asked me questions that made me open up & reveal the deep subconscious sources of my anxiety & I could clearly see where my personal blocks were. It was so intense. I still don’t know how she unraveled that mess. We went through all the messiness and sorted it out so that I didn’t have to have it with me anymore. We weren’t finished here. Beverley made a very Long extensive list of these blocks & messy issues that needed to be identified & worked on. During bootcamp Beverley next did cord cutting with Archangel Michael with me using this gut wrenching messy list. We did the list crossing off each mess as we went down the list. There were tears from me & there was gut wrenching pain experienced by both of us in our solar plexus areas. The list took two days of cord cutting but leaving the cords of love. The beautiful thing was every time we exposed the problem and cut the cords …there was a healing. It was something that I would never believe if it hadn’t happened to me.
The healing never unraveled. The healing has remained intact & has increased. I now do my own cord cutting when I get that achey colicky feeling of anxiety & I am not the source of the messy energy. I also use the tools that were gifted to me as part of bootcamp. I have ABC with the Angels CD & I have my ABC Angelic Lifestyle (meditation with many deep thoughtful messages, practical messages of exercise & nutrition, and cord cutting with Archangel Michael(leaving only the cords of love). I use the Beverley Densham Angelic Meaning cards which never fail to inspire purity in thought & intention. These cards also lift your spirits when you get tired or need to raise your vibration and you are not in a situation where you could raise your vibration with music, dance, walking, any exercise in nature or popping in a meditation cd. I also enjoy using the Relax and Do Your ABC book for times I need to quietly lift my spirits.
Beverley is an excellent historian for each one of her clients. She is like having an excellent doctor. She truly gets to know you & she gives you homework to declutter, exercise, get out in nature, & eat a diet to honor the health of your body.
As I said no stones unturned. If any client who works with Beverley Densham does not get on the road to a healthy joyful lifestyle…I have to state:”that client is not doing the work.” Beverley Densham will stick with you and work with you above and beyond.
I also quit smoking during this process & Beverley did not even know about that messy vice. Cold turkey…just stopped.
I am forever grateful for having worked with Beverley Densham. She is the gift that keeps on giving.
I could write about this for days. So much happened. I also have closer relationship to Mother Mary, Jesus, the angels, and all of my special souls I’ve known who are now transitioned to heaven.
The end.
For today.

Margaret Dodenhoff


I was going through a lot at work (I work nightshift with children who cannot live at home for various reasons). It had made me feel exhausted and a bit down. I had been asking for a sign and some help from my angels. As I was looking for conformation on a few things. As I had recently received my own guidance on some areas of my life. Which I had acted on however as it had come as a surprise to me I felt a bit confused on which way to turn now. Some things had also came to a natural end. Then one day in my garden whilst listening to a replay Beverley had sent me. I sat out in my garden listening away with my headphones on with my hubby by my side unaware what I was listening to. As I listened I looked up to see Beverley applying fairy glitter from a mini glass fairy container. I then went deep into meditation and I was shaken by my hubby holding the same fairy bottle. I let out a scream and paused the replay to tell my startled hubby why I had screamed out. He was holding up the same little fairy bottle with glitter in it. He was unaware that I had put it in the garden many weeks before and it had most likely been blown about the garden. The both of us were amazed at this and I felt this was my sign. I had no intention of joining Angel bootcamp or any other group however I asked Beverley if I could possible chat to her about Angel bootcamp. When I did the guidance from my own angels and guides were very strong. Also the chat with Beverley helped me make up my mind. I had been working 24 /7 doing far too much felt worn out tired. I had one to one coaching and business mentoring with Beverley and I never expected things to go so deep or for me to be so emotional. She is a very gifted lady and very blessed by the angels and her angelic presence. She is just what I need in my life. Since doing a lot less and taking real good care of me. I have achieved so much more. I also went the first holiday abroad to Costa Tequise with my hubby in 9 years. Our room number was 243 = 9 and 9’s ( gold) and signs surrounded us. It was a very healing transformational holiday for us both.

I have an angel page which I do live weekly angel readings, I also do one to one work. I have many gifts skills and talents. I am currently making angel pendants & angel cards with my niece. I have so many more things I plan to do. One of which is getting my childrens book edited, illustrated and published. I also started writing my life story as I have been a meduim for many years. I have been hiding my light for many years. Thats all about to change. So if you are looking for your sign to join Angel bootcamp or not. This maybe yours Thank you so much Beverley for everything.

Aileen Anne Sullivan
Authentic with Wings

Angel bootcamp has bought likeminded people into my life, who are all so supportive. It has helped me to start make changes in my life that are for the better, whilst learning many techniques to make part of a daily routine which helps me be an even better person. These techniques help in all areas of my life.

It also gives me understanding and confidence in myself and what I do, therefore helping those around me more.

It is also giving me the confidence and belief in myself and that I can and am making a difference in what I do and what I will be doing.

It has also helped me trust in myself, know it is ok to give myself regular self care, not rush and do everything at once. It is safe, I am safe and to listen and trust in myself and my angels, making my connection to them and my higher self stronger.

I loved the live round and continued training and support from Bev and the group as a whole, not just in training but through all areas of our lives.

I felt completely supported and guided on my journey at all times there is someone around to help and give words of support – going above and beyond.

I will be an angel card reader and healer, expanding on my knowledge I will offer 121 readings in my upcoming therapy room and online, as well as have my own deck of cards which I will illustrate myself, aimed at adults, I will and am looking at writing my own meditations with my own recordings of natures sounds – some short and some longer.

I will also create workshops and on line courses based on my own skills and learning as well as life experience. This will then lead on to retreats further down the line.

I would highly recommend Angel bootcamp to people in their everyday life as well as business. I talk about what the group is with my close friends and anyone I know would be interested in anything Angel, who I know has a connection to them.


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