How to read the angel cards

Online Course

You will gain knowledge of how to connect to your guardian angels, knowing which cards to choose intuitively, receive answers to your messages & guidance which includes:- how to connect with your guardian angel prior to picking your angel cards

– how to protect yourself with archangel Michael

– what is clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience & claircognizance

-how to read the angel cards. Bev will teach you her 5 favourite ways to read the cards to bring more guidance, direction, happiness & calm to your life

– angel meditation

And as a very special offer you can enjoy both the on-line course AND a signed copy of her angel book Relax & do your ABC, box of angelic meaning cards, angel meditation CDs, ABC Angelic Lifestyle CD for deep relaxation & daily angel guidance & ABC angels magical story & relaxation to help your children sleep better & connect with their angels worth £60. 

Your free angel gifts are worth  £60 & posted to you worldwide 

Angel Card Reading Course: £150

Having experienced Beverleys Angel card coaching course I can safely say that it was my piece of heaven. Beverley has such an angelic and flowing manner to her teaching, its really beautiful. Beverleys teaches all that you need to know to become a practitioner and sooo much more! I gained lots of new insight on how to be an angel coach, read the cards in so many different ways so you can gain your own style, choosing lots of different packs of cards too which is soooo exciting! A huge lesson that I learnt was as a light worker, was being able to totally relax and recharge our batteries gives us sooo much more energy to give to others. Beverley thank you your truly a divine soul

Shantarl Simpson

The Soul Mentor

I didn'€™t really know why I was going on the course apart from I was drawn to it like a magnet. It has helped me get over things in the past that are now cleared, things that were holding me back, it has benefitted me and been inspiring and positive. I enjoyed meeting like minded people, it was refreshing for me, as I feel like I€™'ve come from a time where I had to let go of people who weren€™'t good for me, I feel like I€™m on the same level with people now so that€™s been really good. I have gained confidence, doing the angel coaching & readings has helped, what I am getting is real, so that€™s really good. I loved using the crystal dowser, that was like the best thing in the world, I can€™t tell you how amazing that is, getting it as a present was like a little dream come true, honestly, it€™s so amazing I just love it, absolutely lovely. It was very natural to use the crystal dowser in the coaching, I liked doing the coaching with the dowser & the angel card circle, star readings & coaching. I didn'€™t know about those before so thats good. I really liked the crystal balance sprays, especially the angel and happy spray. For my business, I got a confirmation on my business name which is Shanti Healing, combining both my yoga teaching with healing, meditation and now the angel card readings crystals & forthcoming meditation CDs too which is exciting. I loved being pampered for a moment, it was nice being the student rather than the teacher at times, that was nice and the beach relaxation was really good. I liked the whole course, it€™s been rather like a holiday, perfect setting in Sandbanks, perfect teacher, the ABC Beach relaxation was good, because it keeps you alert too which is a good thing. I met beautiful people, nice to connect with people who don€™t feel they€™re superior to you, they are equal, thats really important to me, authentic, that was special, even Sally the Spirit Destiny Magazine photographer was awesome. I am going to finish the qualification and become a certified angel coaching practitioner too and use this with my clients, especially the angel card readings and using the crystal dowser and also teaching clients to incorporate all of this into their daily lifestyle, also to encourage them to practice their yoga and meditation more too, I now know I€™m going to have my own positive crystal affirmation cards to help people more as well as a meditation and breathing CD. Thank you for blessing me with your course.

Shanti Hardisty

Shanti Healing

Beverley provided a delightful positive space to relax and allow healing to take place. Learning new ways of bringing the angels to others was inspirational. The whole experience gave me clarity on my business and the space to just be free. Beverley had a wonderful free spirited way of going with the flow and allowing each individual the time required to release and experience whatever it was they needed from the workshop. Definitely time well spent. Thank you Beverley and to all who attended and made it the beautiful experience that it was.

Sarah Haywood

I attended Beverleys Angel Coaching Practitioner course with skepticism excitement. I had never completed a course of this nature and was a complete novice in coaching & card reading. Beverley and the group took my lack of experience in their stride and encouraged and supported me and by the end of the three days, I felt confident in my readings. I found the course enlivening, liberating, moving heart opening. Beverley was insightful, funny, patient and extremely professional with a boundless energy and grace that was inspiring. Not only is she a gifted angel coach but she has a beautiful, down to earth teaching style that inspires you to learn and dig deeper into yourself. By the end of the course, I felt more in touch with myself, my inner child more able to connect deeply intuitively to others which I have used in my work as a Naturopath

Debbie Laniado


When Beverley told me about her Angel Coaching Practitioner Course, my subconscious thought Yes, that sounds excellent but my logical mind was shouting You cant take 4 days off work. That was until Bev highlighted that it would be a retreat for me and an opportunity to take some time out for me with the Angels and my Guides. Like many people, I link in with energies for others when I work but very rarely make the time to connect for myself. Retreat, detoxification, pampering and learning definitely sum up the course: Bevs optimistic nature is infectious€“ she is like a breath of fresh air and exudes fun, laughter and passion throughout the course. I like the way that this course is so varied€“ Bev covers so much material but it is presented in a very light, flowing way enabling you to naturally grow with the course. I have come away with many valuable exercises that are easily moulded to my individual style. We also learnt numerous ways to do Angel Coaching & use the cards and had lots of practice sessions, Bev guided and directed us if required but allowed us to develop our skills naturally and without any pressure. In fact the course was extremely supportive and thus suits beginners or advanced practitioners. I work with many different energies on an everyday basis but must admit that the Angelic Realm constitutes a small percentage. I have discovered that I have been missing a trick and now, thanks to Bev, I can incorporate more of this into my everyday work€“ I have already seen the benefit to clients. The Angel Coaching Practitioner Course is certainly a good way to detoxify mind, body and soul.

Jeni Powell

Crystal and Healing Master