Relax & do your ABC is a beautiful angel book where Beverley Shares with you her life story with the angels & is a speed self help book to receive daily guidance from your angels.


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Angelic Meaning Cards are a 33 deck of oracle cards, beautiful angel cards for you to use everyday for daily guidance, healing, inspiration.


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ABC Angelic Lifestyle CD is a beautiful meditation with the angels to help you receive daily guidance, enjoy deep relaxation, calm & inspiration

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ABC Angels CD was created from the 26 letters of the alphabet, Angel Michael went on an adventure in ABC Land, the magical journey through the letters of the alphabet, having fun on holiday, flying over a mountain and going to the planet Venus. Every step of the way the angels hold your hand. Children love this story at bedtime, helping them relax & sleep better

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it’s very relaxing at bedtime to help children relax & sleep better’

Janey Lee Grace, the radio 2 & holistic health expert, imperfectly natural Woman Author & Mum.