Reiki Master Teachers Course

Reiki Master Teacher course 

For those of you who love reiki & feel ready & guided to take the leap & do your reiki master teacher course with Beverley Densham, Author, Angel Speaker & Reiki Master Teacher –
here’s the details of the beautiful reiki master teachers course that shes teaching in January:

Reiki Master/Teacher Level Four
4-Day course Monday – Thursday 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th January in Poole Dorset UK

Course Contents

• Attunements to Reiki Master Level, daily reiki master attunement
• Usui Master Symbol
• Tibetan Master Symbol
• Empowerment using the Usui Master Symbol
• Guided Meditations for healing and to expand visualisation techniques
• How to choose and cleanse crystals
• How to charge and programme crystals
• Creating and using a crystal Reiki grid
for continuous healing and empowerments for yourself and others
• Psychic Surgery – a powerful technique for removing and dispersing blocks
or negative energy that can lead to physical dis-ease in the body
• Reiki empowerment exercises for grounding, balancing and purifying your
energy centre.
• Antahkarana
o History of the Antahkarana
o Uses of the Antahkarana
o Antahkarana Symbols
• meditations
• Original Japanese teachings to include Koki Ho (healing with the eyes),
Gyoshi Ho (healing with the breath)
• Violet Breath
• Grace Symbol – for releasing karmic patterning
Assessment and discussions
– how to teach reiki 1, reiki 2, reiki master & reiki master teacher level.

– Includes your reiki master teacher manual
– certificate

Bonuses included in your reiki master teacher training; 

– includes a private Facebook group to share your journey & connect with fellow reiki master friends – priceless!

– includes videos of each aspect of your training – worth £199

– how to teach reiki in private Facebook groups live (for clients overseas or don’t want to travel) or on zoom, Skype… worth £299

– how to teach children’s reiki 1 worth £399

– how to teach reiki to parents worth £199

– how to use angel cards during treatments & courses, includes the how to read the angels online course worth £150

Your gifts are posted to you as soon as you book your course:

a signed copy of my angel book Relax & do your ABC,

a deck of angel cards, the angelic meaning cards to use during the course, connect to your guardian angel & receive daily guidance for you & clients

ABC Angelic Lifestyle CD (Angel meditations for guidance & deep meditation & relaxation)

& ABC Angels CD (Magical story & relaxation to help children sleep better & relax or for your inner child) worth in total  £60

AND  includes Beverleys angel therapy & angel card Reading expertise to help you in every area of your life & work during the course – worth £750

The reiki master teacher Bonuses are worth nearly £2000

Just for today, do not anger, do not worry, be grateful, be kind & do your work honestly, from the reiki principles by Dr Usui

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‘I had the greatest pleasure of doing my Reiki 1 with Beverley in November, I have been attuned to and using Reiki ( up to level 2) since 2013, a refresher is always a good idea.
My mind was blown! I found that I attained a much deeper connection and felt blissful doing it a second time round. Massive differences though – Beverley taught on a very deep level and provided so much more information, explained every detail and is extremely attentive. Bonuses of card readings, meditations, and feedback throughout, checking if we had any questions or anything we felt needed discussing further. Plus… A group dedicated to our training and practicing – for life! How amazing that we can go back and listen to the training and meditations as often as we like. It didn’t end there, Beverley checks in with you on your journey and loves to know how you are getting on. Fully supported. I wish We had met earlier and I ‘d done my training with Her, I am pleased and excited to say that together we are doing my Reiki Master Teacher course in January.’

Jemma Buxton
Rise & Shine Holistics

Lots of love Beverley

Author & Angel Speaker & Reiki Master Teacher & angel expert for Spirit & Destiny Magazine

Please email me if you’d like to book in or have a chat about what you’d like to get out of your reiki masters & will send your booking form.  (pre-requisite is your reiki 1 & reiki 2 practitioner level courses & a minimum of a years experience of reiki)