Notice the signs around you, it will vary for you, for everyone, but one way that the angels LOVE to get your attention is to notice little Angel feather moments, to notice that little feather is your Angel’s way of you knowing that you are very much loved and cherished always, and even if it doesn’t seem it, everything’s going to be ok.

There are so many different ways the Angels communicate with us. You can see, hear, feel or know the messages. Sometimes the Angels may tickle our nose or face to let you know that their presence is there for you, has that ever happened to you? It might be a message to say you are loved and supported, it might be a confirmation of what you are thinking is the right thing to do or something you are overhearing or listening to such as on a podcast.

Someone asked me ‘If you don’t feel Angel tickles is it that they are doing something else or your just haven’t got there yet?’ The thing is, everyone receives messages in different ways. Not everyone gets this feeling, some people develop it it varies, it’s whatever is meant to be. Trust what you get and of course the more time you spend on your personal, Angel and spiritual development things shift, evolve and change, trust that completely.

Of course reading a book compared to going on a training course are two different things, yet over the course of time they can give you equally rewarding benefits. Just keep following your guidance and trust that you are on the right path, you’ll know, when things become more and more in flow.

Your guardian Angel loves you like a spiritual best friend.

Trust, enjoy, be open to receiving more JOY in your life and laugh and smile more. There’s always something to be grateful for or to love in life. Loving yourself first is always a good starting point.

With love from the Angels
Lots of love from me
Love Bev
(Beverley Densham Author of I talk to angels)