In the latest I talk to Angels podcast, I talk all about how to re-frame 2020. Yes there have been both big and small stresses come up for absolutely everyone in the world. But what the angels want us to focus on this week is celebrating things in your life and work and really taking time to honour this.

There are probably a lot more things to celebrate this year than you realise. So, the tip of the day is:

Celebrate with your Angel
– Get a notepad and pen.
– Ask your guardian Angel to hang out with your during this exercise.
– Close your eyes, breathe and relax, ask your guardian angel to be with you for inspiration guidance and help.
– Think of a happy memory in your life from this year, daydream about it as you breathe and relax
– Then think of 1 happy memory in your work, daydream about it and breathe and relax
– Open your eyes and sit with a cup of tea and write down all the things you have to celebrate in your life and work in 2020, they can be big and small.

You deserve to take this time for you, you really do. Enjoy this process.

Extra tip
Write it out and stick it up on the wall so you can enjoy reading these celebrations everyday. Do a voice recording of your celebrations and listen to it daily or often this month so you can realise that actually no matter whats happened this year, there really is so much to have enjoyed and celebrated, even if it’s a walk in nature, everything counts.

Lots of love from me and the Angels

Beverley Densham Author of I talk to Angels.