The Angels really hear you when right now, or this year at some point, you’ve felt like you’re at a crossing in your life and that’s ok.

The angelic meaning card I picked you is ‘zebra crossing’, it says: when you are at a crossing in your life, simply ask your Guardian Angel for help. Your Angel can help you look at things from a different angle. The letters of Angel spell angel, meaning that you really do have the innate wisdom of the Angels within you, you do…

Sometimes we need a bit of extra human help to talk things through, but always remember you can talk or write things through with your Angel. It can be powerful to journal and express your thoughts and feelings on paper, or you might be someone who prefers to talk it all through too. Or both! You decide.

Just rest assured that when one door closes, another one opens. Things do happen for a reason, even though it doesn’t always seem obvious at the time. Rest assured the path ahead can always get easier and the more you look after you, the more easily this will come about for you.

A morning routine can be one easy step to take in that direction, even 15 minutes dedicated for your first thing can really shape your day differently. Yes life is like the waves of the sea, but it can be a beautiful journey despite this.

Enjoy the journey this week and look after you

Love Bev

Beverley Densham
Author of I talk to angels