It’s lockdown 2 right now and the Angels want to help. For many the second lockdown is a little bit easier than the first, unless you’ve lost a loved one, job or going through a major challenge then the Angels want to help you in some way just ask.

To receive help from the Angels all you have to do is ask for help and be open to receiving help from your guardian Angel. Celestial help is at your finger tips. Life is like the waves of the sea and isn’t always easy, they know.

In my latest podcast ‘I talk to Angels’, I talk about 10 ways to thrive in lockdown with the angels, I came up with a few ideas myself which are personally making me feel better. It’s really different how it is everywhere for everyone, and at the end of the day there’s only your experience about what’s going on in your life and work for you. Heres a few ideas to perk up your month.

1: meditate

2: buy a plant or some bulbs to cheer you up, such as a hyacinth plant. It’s wonderful to see the bulbs growing (I keep mine on the windowsill) and it brings me such JOY seeing them grow everyday.

3: if you love nice smells, buy yourself a natural kitchen and bathroom spray with essential oils. I bought one and every time I clean the smell is gorgeous.

4: burn essential oils or place a couple of drops of something such as lavender next to your pillow to help you relax at bedtime

5: meet up with a favourite friend or family on the telephone, facetime or zoom, enjoy a cup of tea and angel card or positive affirmation together, pick each other a card, have a lovely conversation about it, ask each other ‘what does the card message mean to you?’ you’ll be glad you put this special time aside, it will grow your relationship in a positive way.

6: go for a daily walk, even if it’s round the block, even better somewhere in nature like a park or the woods, depending on where you live

7: have an amazing angel morning routine. You choose what’s in it. It’s wonderful to say an angel prayer such as the I talk to angels prayer, ask archangel Michael to place a blue purple bubble of protection around you.

8: read a page of I talk to angels everyday

9: smile (even under a face mask!)

10: talk to everyone! Make an effort. Make new friends.

Love Bev

Beverley Densham BSc (Hons)

Author of I Talk to Angels

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