Most people book into Pilates because of some back problem, ache or pain. A brilliant added bonus is that Pilates exercise is also very toning and the good news is that you don’t have to go up to advanced level to get very toned with it. 

Even working your body from beginners to intermediate level is plenty to get toned, but this isn’t about doing Pilates just once a week. Is that enough? Well it will help but on the benefits side of things & getting really toned with it it’s all about the magic word PRACTICE. Regular practice builds strength & tone which is such a good feeling with Pilates that you can both feel & look good with it too. 

Doing a regular class or one to one is ideal but it’s also all about practicing inbetween your lessons which you may find enhances your entire life. 

The thing is you need to get a balance, even if you’re needing extra strengthening for your back you still need to work on your whole body, that’s what Pilates can do for you 

I used to do SO much sport as a child, playing national junior squash, tennis, a runner and all sorts. However it wasn’t until I discovered Pilates that I sorted out my bad posture (stooped and rounded shoulders from being a shy child). I’d ended up with a weak back & a lot of tightness in my neck & shoulders. I will be honest the other exercise I did was great for cardiovascular fitness but not so good for toning so it was a big happy surprise to me when o became more toned as a result. 

Even practicing 5 or more minutes a day can make such a difference 

Stretch your back here with the best daily stretch : 

Join in to feel wonderful with this daily stretch for a happier back, tones your waist too, bonus!

Tone your abdominals here: 

The single leg stretch is so flowing & toning

The oblique single leg stretch toned all of your abdominal muscles, legs & hips

Work at your level & listen to your body. Join in here if injury free, always best to learn with a qualified teacher.

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