Angel Card Readings & Angel Coaching

Angel Card readings & coaching are to help you live your life to its highest potential, happiness & to help you also fulfil your divine life mission or simply guide you through life’s challenges with your guardian angel. 

Beverley is here to support & guide you on your journey in an extremely seeing, hearing, feeling & knowing way with your angel for guidance, enabling you to ask questions you would like answering, it’s so wonderful to receive messages both from the cards & your guardian angel. If you have any past or present stress you’d like to heal, release, forgive & find solutions to, readings & healing may help. 

Beverley also offers  business angel card readings or business mastermind. Beverley loves helping fellow lightworkers in their work & life, she has done readings for Hayhouse Authors Janey Lee Grace & Marie-Claire Carlyle, readers of Spirit & Destiny Magazine where she’s one of the angel experts. 

She helps you get CLARITY on sometimes tricky decision making that often we can only spiritually find the answer to. She helps you see your BIG LIFE PURPOSE in seeing how you can best be of service in your work, from the products you’re supposed to have out there such as a book, CDs & your own decks of cards, she helps with everything from design to an action plan!

Angel card readings & Coaching is practical, you have to not just listen to the guidance but take the action steps.

Angel card readings & Coaching sessions are 1 hour long on zoom or  telephone, whatever works best for you.

“The angels & angel card readings have transformed my life & I’d love to do that for you too”.

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