Have a think where in your life you’re needing to rest more? 2020 has been a year of new fears and pressures that the human race have never encountered before.

On top of that life goes on, we are human and there are different things that we face on our journeys, if you have had the added stress of losing a loved one, losing a loved pet, heartbreak too can be like grief.

Do not take this lightly, let alone having suffered any work and financial pressures.

The angels hear you.

They see you.

They are there for you.

Ask them for help and more than anything look after YOU, you can be your own best friend then you can be lucky and we are all lucky and receive some beautiful guidance and help from your angel. Your angel is giving you the gift of rest this week.

Take yourself off on a little ‘holiday’ at home for an hour or two, enjoy an extra relaxing walk just for you, you choose, you choose the path in your life and it really can be a happier, more peaceful and abundant one if you choose.


Beverley Densham Author of I talk to Angels