Angel guidance of the week is to listen to your body.

What does your body need today?

Do you really need to do everything on your to do list?

When there has been ongoing stress, pressure, illness, sadness or big changes. You need to take the time to take everything on board and the angels are saying to really take a bit of time of reflection to see what you need for your body.

Does it need more rest? More exercise? If so, what sort of exercise is best for you right now? Is it gentle walking or is it something more brisk and energetic too?

There’s no right or wrong, it’s about finding what is right for you right now in your current life and work circumstances.

Reflect ~ Breathe ~ Listen

Listen to your body

Listen to your angel

Your guardian angel is there for you.

Rest assured of this and your body will jump for joy when you give it what it needs, good nutrition, water, delicious healthy drinks, hot warming drinks as we head into autumn and winter. Nurture you and you’ll feel more loved and enthusiastic, kinder and more fulfilled. Treat your vessel of your body with the love and kindness it deserves.

Your guardian angel loves you.