One of the easiest ways to connect with the angels is with the angel cards, even better to enjoy picking an angel card over a cup of tea with a favourite friend or family.

Every week, I meet up with my Mum on the telephone to enjoy a cup of tea together and to pick an angel card together, my Mum still loves the first deck of cards that I ever bought so we often use those, sometimes we use other decks too and often use my happy kids cards positive affirmation cards. It varies a bit!! But what is SO nice is that you know, without a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to have a positive conversation when you add an angel card into the mix, we often start off with the I talk to angels prayer before we start, my Mum created the famous ‘slide angel card reading’ where you literally slide and whizz the deck of angel cards along the floor or table. It is such a positive way to pick a card. Once my Mum has picked a card out for me, she reads it out to me and then I have a talk about what it means to me, then we swap over, I pick a card for Mum, read it to her and then she speaks about what the messages mean to her.

Then it always leads to an interesting conversation, if the deck comes with a booklet we read that too. What’s so nice is that it’s sociable, so even if your friend or family live miles away, in my Mums case over 120 miles away, then it’s a great and positive, uplifting way to meet up AND receive angelic guidance. How good is that? Have you given it a try? Feel inspired to? Let me know, be really rewarding to hear if you too send a message to a friend or family and start doing this more often. You’ll be glad you did. Or if you live with someone, you can enjoy them together too.

Love Bev

Beverley Densham

Author of I Talk to Angels