Happy Kids Cards

52 Positive Affirmations

The Happy Kids Cards are 52 positive affirmations to inspire your children to be happy, relaxed and fit everyday. Children love to pick a Happy Kids Card with their parent, grandparent or carer at bedtime to create some special positive time together to talk, have fun & relax. Children also enjoy the cards on their own, with their brother, sister, friend, school or other classes.

The Happy Kids cards saved the day again today! My 5 year old found the last week of term hard work and he really didn’t want to go to school. Luckily the happy kids cards changed his mood and he went off to school a happy boy

Josie Brocksom

Hypnotherapist & Mum, www.worry-free.org

Omg so these happy cards are truly amazing. Last night atlas threw a tantrum before bed and I immediately got the happy cards out and he stopped freaking out almost instantly.

Amanda McCarthy

Mum & singer songwriter

my son is 11 & we use the cards everyday to start & end our day the happy way

Megan age 10, Bryn age 5 & Lily age 9 pick a Happy Kids Card in class

Beverley says...

Happy Kids Cards

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