Connect with Angels Membership

Do you love angels? And want the angels to help you even more in your daily life. Would you like to have more tools to heal from your past stressful relationships that you’ve not got over or stress that you’re going through? It’s a chance to enjoy a better work life balance, improve your health, both emotionally, physically and spiritually. You’d like to reduce anxiety or worry and want the angels guidance and wisdom.

 The connect with angels membership is a chance to work with Bev each month to connect with your guardian angel, receive guidance, make new like minded friends in a supportive community in the private Facebook group and live a happier life everyday. 

How the connect with Angels membership can help you and your life

Your connect with Angels membership includes:

  • Monthly Facebook live for guidance of the month (includes member hotspot 1 card readings)
  • Monthly Angel meditation recording
  • Monthly Angel homework sent to your inbox
  • Angel card message of the month and how to delve into the deeper meaning of the message
  • Private Facebook group for a wonderful community of likeminded friends
  • To help you follow your crumbs of guidance!
  • Take action on your crumbs of Angel guidance
  • Have like minded friends and lots of Angels cheer you on, on your Angel journey
  • A place to come out of the spiritual closet
  • Work on your spiritual development, which helps your entire life
  • A place to share your Angel journey with others
  • Tips and tools to support you on your journey

Includes a connect with Angels mini course (worth £150)

  • How to do an Angel card reading for you
  • How to do an Angel card reading for friends and family
  • How to create an Angel morning routine that works
  • Cut cords of stress Angel healing meditation
  • How to develop your Clairvoyance in one easy step (seeing the messages of the Angels)
  • How to develop your Clairaudience in one easy step (hearing the messages of the Angels)
  • How to develop your Clairsentience in one easy step (feeling the messages of the Angels)
  • How to develop your Claircognizance in one easy step (knowing the messages of the Angels)

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Connect with Angels membership is here for you for more daily guidance from the Angels, peace, happiess, make like minded friends and enjoy a deeper relationship with your Guardian Angel.
Full of motivation and inspiration, from me to you.

Ready to Sign Up?

There are two options for how to pay. Choose which is best for you. 


Annually – saving over £20

(Bonus: includes a 1 card personal Angel card reading for you in the Facebook Group 


 12 x £14.99  

P.S. Bev will be in the private connect with angels Facebook group Monday to Friday, there will be occasional guest experts, the Facebook group will take Facebook holidays, 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks in August and 1 week at Easter when the group will be archived. You can still enjoy the other membership contents during these times.

Please agree and follow the connect with angels Facebook group rules

thank you.