The angels transformed my life forever.

In 2008 my life hit rock bottom, living in fear & not an ounce of self esteem left, I called the Police after domestic violence. fortunately social services escorted me & my then 3 year old son from the family home.

Months later I had my first ever angel card reading, this was pivotal in things changing for the better & within 2 years I was flying to Hawaii to train as an Angel Therapy (R) Practitioner with Doreen Virtue (R). Life changed forever & that tough time has now created a whole new life & career helping you with your life & work.

Perhaps you too have been through tough times & you can use your experience to help others. Perhaps you have a desire to have your own business but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you still need some much needed deep healing. There’s time for this & me & the angels can help you with this.

A gift I was given & lovely Job is to help fellow lightworkers at all levels from newbies to super successful Hayhouse Authors get clarity on decisions with readings & some of the ways you can deepen your connection to the angels with extra guidance is through deep subconscious angel meditation, working with a crystal dowser & clearing any lightworker blocks you may have to ensure you are fully out of the spiritual closet.

Otherwise you won’t be charging your worth & fulfilling your life purpose with enough of your own products such as more books, decks of angel cards, positive affirmation cards & CDs – the world needs you & I am your on Earth guardian angel here to shine a very very bright light on your life & even more incredible or super established holistic, spiritual & heart centred business.

If you’d like a copy of the ‘how to bring the angels into your life & work’ webinar, email