Angel healing is a wonderful way to de- stress. There are these invisible cords that can attach between you and another person, people or situation when there has been stress, trauma, upset, anger and it can really really affect you negatively, it can really hold you back in life, both in work in your personal life and sometimes you’re in a vicious cycle what seems like forever. 

The angels do not want this for you any more and there is something that may help you a lot and this is called cutting with the angels. 

Here is a beautiful meditation of angel healing for you to indulge in for just seven minutes to escape to the sea, to hear the sounds of the sea, the soothing sounds of the sea, and to really enjoy and maybe benefit from some Angel healing and cord cutting with the amazing angel called Archangel Michael. 

Enjoy and may you feel peace, calm, healing and happiness afterwards. 

Love Beverley 

Angel & Pilates expert