Something that’s been AMAZING to witness over the last few weeks is how more and more of my clients and earth angels are experiencing more and more their guardian angel’s presence. What our guardian angels often do the more you get to know them is tickle your face or top of your head, like a little white angel feather has tickled you, this is your guardian angel saying “hello”, but often a lot more than that, they are trying to get your attention to LISTEN to what you were thinking or what was being said at the time, which is often divine guidance for you to act upon. I’m so excited to be helping develop these skills with more and more people. It’s an amazing experience. Also, the angels might make your ear go warm or hot, temperature changes are a sign of your angel’s presence. When I do live readings, they are very vocal in this way!! and they often do this to help you develop your angelic connection too.

Next time you get a tickly nose, you probably haven’t got a cold! it’s your guardian angel.


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