and how are you?
This week the angels have been prodding us all to have more FUN, I think in 2020 whether we realise it or not, it has been more lacking than usual to have more fun, laughter in our lives.

This really can ramp up in September the angels say, there’s no need to live in fear anymore, it’s a time to enjoy your life fully both at home and work too.
Created a beautiful inner child meditation with the angels for you this week, a chance to really embrace and love the younger you, baby you!!, toddler you (oh so cute), primary school age sweet you, teenager you and every childhood you have ever been, it’s a really beautiful experience to do this with your angel and a chance to remember a happy childhood memory, you can enjoy the replay of this powerful meditation below, especially for you.

You can find the recording here.

Angel Card Message of the Week

Angel card message of the week is to have a laugh.

What makes you laugh? Do more of that.
What makes you smile? Do more of that.

I’m excited to have a picnic lunch at the park today after my magazine event, it can be little things like an autumn/ end of summer picnic, even if for just half an hour. You choose. You’re the creator of your destiny.

Positive affirmation card of the week

I smile and laugh

Simply think of what you’re going to do to smile and laugh this week and keep following your guidance.

What are you going to do that’s fun? Relaxing? Enjoyable? DO IT!!

I went to some magical gardens, sat and read a book (Ruby Wax book how to be human!!), did some lovely meditation, enjoyed a cappuccino and my favourite vegan posh chocolate, another day I indulged in a cycle and walk at the beach.

If you’re guided to read a particular book or go on a course that’s going to inspire and help you, do it. The latest book I’m reading is the artists way by Julia Cameron. If you keep getting positive repetitive guidance, i.e. read that book! Then do it, I resisted reading this book for years, eventually I followed the guidance! You can too. It’s worth it!!

Do you need to meditate, breathe and relax more?

For some, meditation and mindfulness can be in the form of things like Pilates too, email me back if you need help with your back or stress levels.

September Angel Card Reading

What the angels want you to know in September, Angel card reading and Angel healing for you can be found here.

‘How to meditate with Angels’, episode 7 of the I talk to Angels podcast is out, 

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Have a beautiful rest of the day, the angels are sending you love

Lots of love to you


Beverley Densham
Author of ‘I talk to Angels’.