How to journal with your guardian angel. It’s an absolutely amazing thing to connect deep with your guardian angel to become real true friends with your guardian angel as at the end of the day they love to help you in every single area of your life. 

They really do love to help you during the bad times, the sad times, very stressful moments however small they are, they really are there for you. 

So here is your chance to deepen your relationship with your guardian angel to receive deeper guidance, all you need is a pen, paper, or favourite notepad, deck of Angel cards or positive affirmation cards and off you go.

Start off by: 

1: Say an angel prayer, guardian angel please shower me with a rainbow coloured light, please protect me and help me receive beautiful guidance from you, please help me see, hear, feel and know what the angels would love me to know today thank you. 

2: Place your hands on your heart close your eyes, and take five relaxing breaths in and out. Breathe in through your nose, breathe out through your mouth and relax, repeat this 4 more times. Relaxing more and more each out breath. 

3: Shuffle your angel cards, give them a tap, and then fan out your angel cards and asked your guardian angel which is the best angel card or positive affirmation card to pick right now? if you prefer ask a question. Pick your card. 

4: Once you’ve picked your card, write down in your notebook or journal what does this message mean to you and just write down until you feel complete. Notice if there are any action steps to take, allow this inspiration to flood in and give yourself permission to do what it says if that feels right for you. 

Katy moon, journaling with her angel, commissioning editor of spirit & destiny magazine. Photography by spirit & destiny magazine

5: Now it’s time to ask your guardian angel to help you see hear, feel and know any other guidance from your angels about this angel card or positive affirmation message and allow any extra guidance and information to come in from your angel. Enjoy the guidance that you receive. Trust that what you get is the perfect information and guidance at this moment in time for you. 

6: Always thank your angel. 

Enjoy this process any time you like of journalling with your guardian angel, you can also enjoy the special free how to journal with your guardian angel workshop that I’ve videoed for you which talks you through some other beautiful ways of journalling with your angel. 

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Would love to hear how you got on and love to hear & see what angel card that you picked. 

Comment how you got on & what card you enjoyed, look forward to seeing you really soon. 

Keep enjoying your guardian angel. 

Every step of the way the angels hold your hand. 

Lots of love Beverley. 

Angel expert.

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