Bev’s Kids Coaching Course

Bev’s created the Bevs kids coaching online course to give you all the tools she gives you in 1-2-1 coaching rolled into a 6 week step by step course to bring more happiness, confidence & calm to your children’s lives & you. This approach especially works well for 4-12 year olds. (Of course the little ones can reap the benefits too & the older ones will have these tools you can continue to use for life as the tips are as beneficial for adults as children).

Here’s what it includes;

week 1: how to create a positive mindset for more happiness

week 2; happy bedtime routines

week 3: how to start your days the happy way

week 4; breathing for calm

week 5: how to express your child’s feelings & emotions through talking, drawing, writing & colouring

week 6: bev’s magical toolbox; tools for confidence & self esteeem building, how to visualise & do goal setting

The 6 week on line course comprises of videos & tips & private Facebook group.

Bye bye anxiety

Hello daily dose of happiness
Hello magical & practical toolbox
Hello solutions
goodbye stress

Great news you will receive 3 bonus videos


Bonus video 1: how to use the happy kids cards during the good, challenging & sad times of life


Bonus video 2: how to have a healthier happier time with our children & electronic devices

bonus video 3: 1 possible magic cure for tantrums

Feeling inspired? I’d love to help you with your children & family, may this give you the jigsaw pieces & tools for happiness, confidence & calm.

Investment: £349

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