I think the year of 2020 has had everything hasn’t it? Stress and fear galore, in either every capacity or at least in some way for each and every person on this planet. I’m not here to talk about the world situation, but just how hopefully this week’s blog can help you with your mental and emotional fitness as well as your body. But not just that, we are spiritual too and the angels LOVE to help and guide you in your whole life don’t they, because life certainly isn’t one dimensional is it?

Life is like the waves of the sea is one of my favourite expressions, there are both good, challenging and sad times of life, how can the angels help? They can help so, so much, but remember that before you go off asking someone else for help (unless it’s an emergency or something like that), take time to breathe, relax, center yourself and spend a little bit of time with your angel, because often the solution is quicker to find than you realise. Sometimes my mindfulness Pilates work comes in handy and this week am treating you to one of my de-stress in literally 5 minutes, indulgent, very relaxing beach relaxation, so before you go moaning, groaning, complaining or snapping someone’s head off, which does absolutely no one any favours, not even you, try this out!!:

Join in here the  5 minute relaxation 


Pic of my brother rich and me on holiday when we were little.
Rest in peace Rich

This year has brought with it all sorts of challenges, for me extra challenges have been things like my brother Rich dying in the summer, having my work life turned completely upside down, but luckily my determination and ability to switch my business to mostly online has helped me breathe a sigh of relief, but it’s not been easy for anyone at times, for differing reasons. Whatever they are, the angels are here to help. It’s been wonderful to give you the gift of I talk to angels, 21 days of meditation, a chance to breathe, relax, meditate, connect with your guardian angel and receive some personal guidance, we all need a bit of that everyday of our lives. Still time to join in on my Beverley Densham Facebook page and YOU tube channel. Always a re-play for you too. You can easily learn this self-help tool for you too. We shall delve into part 2 of this next week.

If you want to go deeper on your mindfulness journey with the angels join me on the Spirit and Destiny Magazine Facebook page this and next week, Wednesdays 1pm.

In the meantime, have a super-duper week!!!

With love from me and the angels


Beverley Densham

Author of ‘I talk to Angels’