One sign an Angel is near is when you notice little feathers.

I was walking along this morning and a feather floated down as I was thinking something in particular that the Angels wanted to highlight to me which was so nice, a lovely comforting, loving confirmation.

I picked the feather up, it was a bigger fluffy feather than usual, often the Angels get me to notice the small fluffy white feathers, but sometimes they can get you to notice other feathers too. Feathers are sometimes on your path at other times your Angel gets you to notice the feather.

Occasionally the Angels will actually physically move a feather to be somewhere where there are no open windows for example and you wonder ‘how on earth did it get there’. Well it did!!!

Occasionally feather moments can be extremely profound and incredibly comforting. Notice these signs that are especially for you. Your Angel loves to give you gifts and this is one way they get you to notice.

This is a clairvoyant sign from the Angels that your Angel is near. Which of course they always are, it’s just we don’t always notice. Rest assured they are on your side and cheering you on with every ounce of unconditional love and support they have.

The day before yesterday I was guided to paint Angels and Angel wings and I invited my mum to join me with some watercolour painting yesterday. This is the result!! I literally followed my guidance.

Beverley Densham Author of I talk to Angels