I suffered from some bouts of painful depression lately, no I’m not talking about 22 years ago when I had suffered after a road traffic accident, but in 2019. It wasn’t all the time but came in waves. What was very noticeable was that when I was doing Pilates or teaching Pilates I was absolutely fine, in fact happy.

Now I’m no depression expert, however I really do believe that there is a strong link between good mental & emotional well-being & Pilates (just my opinion). Everyone seems to just come for their body, but Pilates is way more beneficial than that, it helps your mind too & definitely your happiness. Many clients have said they sleep better, are in a better mood & can cope with life much better even when some tough things are going on. Life’s not always easy so it’s nice that you can have this happy place to go to, but not just that then incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Of course there are different root causes of depression & it’s getting the right help, support & solutions with that. I knew the root cause & beavered away taking action to sort it out. & decided to really embrace Pilates to the fullest & my goodness I’m grateful as the happy Bev many of you love & know is back. Always talk to a trusted friends & family & seek professional support.

Thank you pilates

so my tip for you if You’re feeling crap, stressed, anxious, depressed or under the weather is go do Pilates, book those lessons, we need to socialise too, even us introverts! & then practice. Practice daily!! Not just your exercises with your breathing but daily relaxation too, it makes such a difference.

When youre upset, crying, feeling depressed you’ll notice your posture is poor, Pilates will help you re gain that confident happy posture. In one of my classes this week I said Pilates is like happy hour (except you don’t need the alcohol!) it’s a happy place to go to & once you’ve discovered it, it’s there to help & support you everyday.

Love to hear feedback if my blog helps you. Hope it does (of course always seek medical support such as your GP if you are depressed), however you might find adding that holistic approach of Pilates exercise is the icing on the cake you’re looking for.

Love beverley
pilates with Beverley

Stressed? Find it hard to switch off & relax? Want more of a work life balance? Very excited to share this with you again, a 5 minute beach relaxation to de-stress, for calm, peace & relaxation. Also very good for your back, neck & muscles. Join in here: https://youtu.be/qUUI6attEOM