Reiki 2 course (Second Degree & Advanced Reiki)

Excited to invite you to a 2 day reiki 2 healing course – Thursday & Friday 14th to 15th June for your reiki 2 course to practitioner level or for your personal & spiritual development 

Second Degree and Advanced Reiki will significantly increase the power of your Reiki healing energy through working on a higher vibration. Your intuition will become much sharper and more focused as your third eye opens from your enhanced spiritual awareness.

Once you have been attuned to Reiki 2 you will begin to experience changes on many levels and with these new experiences comes empowerment bringing about a feeling of greater wholeness, balance and harmony.

You will find that alongside your expanding spiritual awareness, comes changes in your lifestyle such as a healthier diet, exercise and a more positive outlook.

Course contents

– Attunements to Reiki 2
– Reiki Symbols – forming the symbols and an explanation of the following three sacred symbols, how they are practiced and specifically used:
• Power Symbol
• Emotional/Mental Symbol
• Distance Healing Symbol
How to introduce these symbols into your healing practice to enhance and increase the process with more flexibility.
– Additional symbols
– guided meditations and exercises to help gain your confidence
– How to set up a Reiki Triangle – a goal empowerment grid using the Reiki symbols.
– Absent healing – various techniques
– Crystal Healing with Reiki
– Pendulum dowsing
– Crystal Healing practice
– 10 things to consider for setting up your own Reiki Practice
– Lineage
– reiki 2 certificate
-reiki 2 manual

Reiki 2 Bonuses

– You get to enjoy all the training videos in a private Facebook group too – every meditation & teaching is recorded so you can refer to & enjoy it again (worth £350) for your 14 month angel reiki healing journey 

– Private Facebook group to share your reiki journey with fellow light workers for the 14 month angel reiki healing journey 

– Deck of angel cards, the angelic meaning cards

, a signed copy of my angel book Relax & do your ABC

, ABC Angelic Lifestyle CD (Angel meditations for guidance & deep meditation & relaxation)

& ABC Angels CD (Magical story & relaxation to help children sleep better & relax or for your inner child)

worth £60

– includes how to use the Angelic Meaning cards with clients video training worth £187

Your reiki 2 bonuses are worth £597)

Time 11-4pm 
Thursday & friday 14th -15th June 2 spaces left 

on zoom (like Skype!) from the comfort of your home or in Poole Dorset UK 

‘I had the greatest pleasure of doing my Reiki 1 with Beverley in November, I have been attuned to and using Reiki ( up to level 2) since 2013, a refresher is always a good idea.

My mind was blown! I found that I attained a much deeper connection and felt blissful doing it a second time round. Massive differences though – Beverley taught on a very deep level and provided so much more information, explained every detail and is extremely attentive. Bonuses of card readings, meditations, and feedback throughout, checking if we had any questions or anything we felt needed discussing further.

Plus… A group dedicated to our training and practicing – for life! How amazing that we can go back and listen to the training and meditations as often as we like. It didn’t end there, Beverley checks in with you on your journey and loves to know how you are getting on. Fully supported. I wish We had met earlier and I ‘d done my training with Her, I am pleased and excited to say that together we are doing my Reiki Master Teacher course in January.

Jemma Buxton
Trying Holistics

Just for today, do not anger, do not worry, be grateful, be kind & do your work honestly are the reiki principles

With lots & lots of love


Beverley Densham

‘I chat to Angels’
Author & Angel Speaker & Angel expert for Spirit & Destiny Magazine