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Happy Kids Cards at School

The Happy Kids Cards are taught in schools all over the world, both in Primary Schools from reception to year 6. School Counsellors are using the cards to help the children, they are also used in Special Needs Schools and Autistic Schools.

Benefits of Using Happy Kids Cards:

  • Fun and Relaxing – several relaxation, meditation & mindfulness exercises to join in with creating calm, quiet and increased concentration
  • Encourages your pupils to talk about their emotions and how they are feeling
  • Positive thinking creating a more positive mindset and behaviour
  • Learning how to visualise -Learning about the growth mindset
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle both through healthy eating and exercise
  • Teaches useful daily stretches
  • Teaches how to improve posture which helps with both their back, confidence self esteem

Inspire your class everyday with Happy Kids Cards

Primary School teacher Kayleigh Hollis gets her pupils to pick 3 cards everyday, they have a vote of which card will go on the board for the day and she finds they create excellent class discussions such as the “I am healthy” card and a useful tool and tips for the day.

As a class teacher the day can be manic and extremely busy so it can be difficult finding the time to just have some quiet reflective time with the class. However since I bought the Happy Kids Cards it has all changed!

The cards are beautiful and so easy to use in day to day life. My class love them and they can be used when there’s a spare 5 minutes. They get so excited about choosing a card and I’m always being asked; “Can we do the Happy Kids Cards yet?” I have definitely noticed a change in the overall attitude of my class they’ve become calmer (OK – some of the time!) and more positive. I’m hearing less of ‘I can’t’ and hearing more ‘I’ll try’ – small steps but so important!

I look forward to using them with more children and as a teacher the Happy Kids Cards are now definitely one of my valued resources

Kayleigh Hollis

Primary School Teacher says...

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