Have a lie down, slow down to re charge then gently get moving

Sometimes you can feel too tired, in fact right now writing this I could have made the excuse that I’m too tired to write this weeks blog, true I did feel tired after 3 nights of not getting enough sleep so an early night is calling. However the amazing thing about Pilates is its great to do whether you have fatigue or tiredness, been overworking & not getting a work life balance.

By making the effort to go to your class or one to one, what I’ve noticed is that it’s always worth it & you walk out feeling better in both your energy levels too.

I turned up to teach this morning (not my feeling my best), yet it really cheered me up to teach both physically & mood wise, a bonus. The sun is shining here in the UK so hope you enjoy this weeks mini relax, helping you re charge your batteries, you deserve it. Say to yourself ‘my energy levels are improving’

Here’s this weeks Pilates have a lie down to improve posture, alignment, relax & release the muscles & de-stress, join in here:

You can also enjoy this daily sitting or standing, takes a couple of minutes. It’s also like a mini relaxation/ meditation, whatever you’d like to call it!! It’s incredibly helpful to join in on a daily basis.

Let me know how you feel after?

Love Beverley 

Pilates expert, to help you after prolapsed discs, sciatica & pain, hello quality of life

Pilates with Beverley