You are wonderful.

I received this card once from a good friend of mine with those 3 words, ‘you are wonderful’, and do you know what? It really did make me feel wonderful. Rather than thinking to myself I am wonderful, reading the words you are wonderful fills me with warmth, happiness and comfort. Do you know what I mean?

Here’s that beautiful card I received in the post. I hope by posting it here for you, it will also make you feel oh so good. In my happy kids cards, positive affirmations, I created a wonderful card for you to enjoy this week too, repeat to yourself in the day: ‘I am a wonderful person’. Write down as well, you are wonderful. Know that deep within your soul that this is the absolute truth.

Life experiences may have got in the way at times, but the angels want you to shine more and more like a diamond and allow your aura to expand like glitter and sparkles as the days and weeks go by. You’ll feel a difference.

Don’t forget to take a few moments everyday to breathe and relax. Simply closing your eyes and taking 10 relaxing breaths in and out can make all the difference.

You are wonderful.

See you next time

All our love

Bev and the angels!

Beverley Densham

Author of I talk to angels